At BodyMindLife we take the wellbeing of our students and our team very seriously.  We recognise the ongoing and evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and have implemented precautions to ensure the risk to our students, staff and teachers is minimised.  This has included the temporary closure of our beloved physical studios and a move to online classes.

Rest assured that across the company we are monitoring the situation closely. We have and will continue to respond quickly to any arising changes. We are keeping up to date with official information including guidance from CDC – Centres for Disease Control & Prevention and the (WHO) World Health Organisation as well as the Australian Governments Department of Health.

Across the businesses we have already implemented numerous practical enhancements to our day to day operations including increased hygiene protocols, more regular cleaning, increased potency of anti bacterial agents in cleaning products, hand sanitisers readily available throughout the studio, more closed lid bins around the studios as well as adequate signage to notify. 

As we navigate towards reopening our studios when Government permissions allow we will continue to be vigilant in maintaining this healthy environment in accordance with our Infectious Disease Control Policy.

In order to make this a success here’s what we need from you:

  1. Hand washing is critical because it helps prevent the spread of all viruses and bacteria especially through the hand to mouth/face/nose route. Please utilise the hand washing stations before and after class. Hand sanitiser is a great on the go option and is widely available in studio but does not replace hand washing.
  2. When we reopen we will continue to prevent anyone showing symptoms of coughs, colds and fever from coming in to work, teach or to take part in classes. We ask that you use your best judgement here. Please do not be offended if you are not permitted to practise or you are encouraged to leave during class. This continues to be our policy and applies to any contagious disease such as the flu.
  3. Anyone who does cough or sneeze  should use tissues and dispose of them safely in closed bins and then wash their hands as soon as possible
  4. Avoid kissing, hugging and the sharing of water bottles and cups at the studio.
  5. We all unconsciously or consciously touch our face, nose, eyes, head ears at least 15 times an hour if not more. Contamination on the hands from surfaces  can enter the body through these vulnerable routes. Keeping hands clean and practising mindfulness can help us avoid this as much as possible.

As we move towards reopening we will be designing a schedule to safely see us through the next stage and maintain required social distancing standards. We encourage you to explore new time slots in the physical spaces and take advantage of online classes with all your favourite teachers.

Thanks and stay well,

Founder and CEO Phil Goodwin

Phil Goodwin Founder, Chief Fun Officer, Facilitator Teacher Training, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

As the Founder of BodyMindLife, Phil has a passion for people, yoga, inspired leadership, community and business. Phil found yoga and meditation after 10 years of trading financial markets and knows first hand of its transformative effects from high-stress environments.