Yoga Teacher Training at BodyMindLife is the best in Australia. As we approach our first part time and full time trainings for 2022, we take a moment to check in with a recent graduate of our program and find out about their experience.

Join our conversation with Kate Hurst.

Why did you choose BodyMindLfe?

I had been a student at BML for just over 10 years when I started my training. Having practiced from time to time at other studios during that period I had always come back to Body Mind Life as the quality of the teaching and the studio experience were always above and beyond what I found elsewhere. I knew that the teaching and curriculum would be of the same high quality so when it came to choosing where to do my YTT it was an easy decision.


What was the biggest thing you learnt during Yoga Teacher Training?

The most profound thing I learned was that the time spent on the mat is actually only a small part of what yoga truly is. While the postures can bring strength and flow to the body and mind, learning that there was a very rich philosophical system for living that went way beyond the Asana was a revelation.


What’s the biggest misconception about Yoga Teacher Training?

Having spoken to others who are considering taking the 200hr training I often hear them say – I don’t know if I actually want to teach yoga?

While the training obviously provides a foundation for those wanting to take the career path of a yoga teacher, it also has a lot to offer those who don’t necessarily have that goal. 

If you are looking to deepen your personal practice or if you want to find a new level of purpose, clarity and depth to your life then yoga teacher training can really help as a catalyst for that personal growth.


Describe your teaching journey since graduating from BodyMindLife?

After completing my training in 2019 I wasn’t in rush to start teaching. I had two young kids and a career that was in flux so there was a period of transition where I was needing to apply a lot of the learning from the YTT to my own life before I could start teaching others. 

In 2021 I was able to open up the space I needed in my life and began teaching, first to family and friends and groups in regular online classes and then eventually I was hired by a studio where I now teach weekly face to face classes.


What was your primary aim as a yoga teacher?

I have always had a fascination with the connection between yoga, creativity and flow state. Through my yoga offering, State of Flow, I aim to help my students access that sense of fluidity between their body and mind, where they are absorbed and deeply focused in the moment. My hope for my students is that the state of flow and momentum cultivated in a class will accompany them off the mat into their daily lives.


What’s one thing you’d tell anyone about to embark on a teacher training?

Stay open to the fact that this rich and wonderful experience may have a big impact on the direction of your life – in exciting ways you never imagined!


BodyMindLife runs full-time and part-time Yoga Pilates Teacher Training courses in Surry Hills and Byron Bay. Read more on the details and line-up of 2022 course dates here