A wonder product to improve sleep, relax after class and soothe tired muscles.

Have you ever found yourself wondering about those black Salt Lab spray bottles sitting pretty on the counter at BodyMindLife?

Salt Lab is a Melbourne based company that specialises in transdermal magnesium oil.

This essential mineral is responsible for over 300 different chemical reactions in the body. This includes maintaining your energy levels, helping you relax and sustaining the health of your heart and blood vessels.

Magnesium oil benefits include improved sleep, reduced muscle cramping and restless legs, and enhanced recovery as well as overall physical performance.

Our retail manager and yoga teacher Mandy Alderson says she took magnesium in a powder form before she discovered the powerful effects of the oil.

“I started using Salt Lab simply by rubbing it on my belly before I went to sleep each night to see if it made any difference – the impact it had was incredible.

“It’s been my go to if I’m feeling a little wired or anxious from the day or if I’m suffering from muscle soreness and know I need to look after my body a little more. I’ve tested it on loved ones too and have seen it help kids with ADHD get settled, and calm others who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety.”

Magnesium is often taken as an oral supplement but Salt Lab has found that applying it directly to the skin has the most impact to safely increase magnesium levels in the body.

When you apply the supplement topically, you’re putting less stress on the body. An oral supplement means our bodies need to work much harder to process it and eliminate what isn’t needed.

With an oil, you can also apply to where it’s needed most – and it’s impossible to overuse as our bodies self-regulate and absorb as much or as little as needed.

As Mandy discovered, a few sprays of Salt Lab before you go to sleep can work to calm the nervous system down and allow you to hit that deep REM sleep.

If you notice a tingly almost itchy sensation the first few times you apply Salt Lab magnesium spray don’t be deterred, this is a clear sign of magnesium deficiency in the body! Persistence of use will reduce this sensation dramatically but if the tingle is a little too intense to begin, with simply dilute with water or apply some organic coconut oil on top to soothe and hydrate.

So have a spray or two of the Salt Lab tester bottles next time you’re in studio.