Back in 2001, Vivienne Gray was a highflying stockbroker who gave little thought to her wellbeing.

But on September 11th, the world changed and sparked a transformation in Vivienne that would eventually lead to a ‘quantum shift’ in her perspective on life. 

The next decade took her on a profound and at times, painful journey to discover her true place in the world.

Here’s Vivienne’s story

The catalyst…

“Even though the terrorist attacks had no personal connection to me at all, they seemed to trigger something deep inside of me. I was overwhelmed by the realisation of how many people’s lives would be affected in the finance world.

These feelings continued to grow until one day it became unbearable to keep living the life I’d been living. And in 2009 I quit my job, without any idea of what to do next.

All I knew was that I couldn’t carry on. I can only compare what happened to a kind of quantum shift. It was a terrifying time and for several years, I really didn’t know what life was all about or where I fitted in.

The moment of no return…

One day, years after my initial realisation, I found myself meditating on Bronte beach begging the universe for guidance as to what career path to take next. And it came loud and clear.

Shortly after, I went to the MindBodySpirit festival on the recommendation of a friend, and met Dez Dalton. Dez was a Meditation Teacher and Reiki Grand Master and when he discovered that I was working through past traumas, he suggested I check out the centre where he practiced.

That place was BodyMindLife, and the minute I walked through the doors, I knew that this was a place of healing. For the first time in a long time, I felt safe. I’d tried yoga at other studios in Australia but because my practice isn’t that strong I’d always felt a bit threatened.

BodyMindLife seemed light, bright and happy. There was no judgement, just an all-embracing energy – it somehow reminded me of Bali.   I finally felt like I wasn’t a loss in the world and wasn’t actually going mad.

And to find somewhere that offered Yoga, Energetic Healing, Meditation and Pilates all in the one place, was just amazing.   It was like the universe had heard my pleas and given me exactly what I needed: a place to heal from the past and choose what I needed for myself.

The transformation…

That now seems like a lifetime ago. I’m now a 5B advanced Reiki Teacher and am a totally different person. My physical yoga practice still isn’t particularly strong but that doesn’t matter anymore because of the transformation that it’s occurred within.

Sydney can be a fierce, competitive place at times, but through my experiences at BodyMindLife I’ve learnt to just stay out of it.   I feel more grounded, more fulfilled and am still learning all the time.

Life is good.

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