BodyMindLife is committed to fostering a positive relationship with the environment through using state-of-the-art Far-Infrared Radiant (FIR) heating systems. This heating technology not only reduces energy consumption but also increases the therapeutic health benefits of your yoga practice.

FIR heat is a form of thermal energy. It is the warmth you feel penetrating your skin when you’re standing outdoors on a sunny day. The same technology is used in high-tech saunas and to keep premature babies warm in hospital neonatal units.

The sustainability benefits of this heating system include:

– Uses up to 52% less wattage when compared to convective wall-mounted heaters.
– Less wattage equals lower carbon pollution.
– Acts as a perfect partner for future sustainability development and innovation with solar and wind power sources.

The health benefits include:

– Stimulates increased blood circulation, regeneration, and oxygenation.
– Helps dissolve and eliminate hidden toxins, fats, and chemicals from the blood including excess sodium and uric acid.
– Stimulates the body’s enzyme activity and metabolism to burn calories and break down cellulite, trapped water, fat, and waste products.
– Helps destroy pathogens including bacteria, fungus, viruses, and parasites.? Promotes healthy muscle tissue and repair from injury.
– Stimulates a health immune system and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

To compliment the Heat we also circulate 15,000CL of fresh air through the yoga rooms each minute.

Enjoy the heat, remember to keep Hydrated and we will see you practicing soon.