Not only one of our beloved BodyMindLife Teachers but also a shaman of the Q’ero lineage in Peru, a Coach, master Reiki healer, TEDX speaker, best-selling author, yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher. 

We sit down with Johnson for a quick chat on the mat ahead of his Shamanic Breathwork and Meditation Training this February at BodyMindLife.

Can you tell us a little about how you came to find yoga?

I first experience shamanic journeying in a meditation session in an ashram in India. The vivid dream like quality of how I received the symbolic guidance from spirit was mind blowing to me. I then studied shamanic journeying with Sandra Ingerman, and was initiated into the Munay Ki rites by a Senegalese shaman. Later on, I received initiation rites by the Q’ero shamans of the high Andes in Peru. The breathwork element to the shamanic journeying was something that was synthesized by shaman training and my inner guidance coaching training. I then started incorporating yogic chakra based breath oriented processes into the system as well, and so my version of shamanic breath work is an synergy of modalities that get straight to the core of who we are.

What did you do before teaching?

I actually went to theatre school. I waited tables and did theatre in New York City, where I am from.

What have you learned from the practice?

The path of shamanic wisdom has taught me to remember the power of my inner guides and my innate connection with the Nature and Spirit. It is like when Einstein said that we cannot solve problems from the same level of consciousness; another way to look at is that we need to incorporate more moments in our lives where we are not bound by rational thinking. When we are able to access non-rational states of consciousness, our creativity and intuition can help us to solve problems in new and surprising ways.

Where has yoga taken you around the world?

I see students connect more to their intuition and step into their power. Many of them gain the courage to let go of memories and relationships that no longer serve them, and they start to make better decisions that get them to life on their terms.

How would you describe your teaching style? What’s a class like with you?

Instead of telling people the answers, I highlight the power of inquiry and encourage people to find the answers through trusting their own inner guidance.

What can students expect in this training with you?

They will learn how to facilitate various breathwork and meditative techniques that include yogic breathwork, circular breathwork, bioenergetic chakra work, inner visualisation, sacred geometry work and shamanic journeying. They will efficiently utilise these transformational frameworks by integrating them with a unique 6 part cuing system. This will ensure that they are able to deliver classes with clarity in their authentic voice.

Who’s is your 100hr training for?

This training is for those who are existing wellness practitioners who would like to add more transformational tools to their offerings to host workshops, work with private clients or enhance their retreats. It is also for those who are willing to drop in deeply to engage with the process of self-inquiry and spiritual awakening. 

Lastly, tell us three things you couldn’t live without?

I could not live without physical movement, travel and my loved ones.

Johnson is set to lead his 50hr training at BodyMindLife from Saturday 10th February.

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