We all know that that we can change our bodies…and with enough effort we can change our minds. But did you realise you have the power to change the world?

BodyMindLifer Seb Berry thinks we do…& is building an App. to show us how.

 Seb is the creator of  The TODAY App, which will essentially become a Fitbit for eco-living, inspiring us to track and share the positive impact we have on the world.

 “We all want to preserve and protect our beautiful planet but we often have the mindset “I won’t make a difference I’m only one person”. The good news is YOU do make a difference, a huge one in fact”

The TODAY App is all about helping with both inner and outer wellbeing, giving us daily motivation towards sustainable wellness and sustainability for the environment.

“It lets you track that difference you make and see the tangible results of your everyday choices. The power and the responsibility lies within us and I believe we can do it but we have to be the change and become part of a movement for a better future”

The TODAY App will have a beautiful alarm to start the day and features like guided meditation, yoga and music and serves as a positive habit tracker for those small conscious daily living changes.

As Seb’s passion project for the last 4 years, TODAY is on the verge of becoming reality, thanks to community support in his live crowdfunding campaign on StartSomeGood.

And as a member of the BodyMindLife community, your support really can make a world of difference.

If you love the idea and would love to use the App, please show your support with a pledge to their campaign and spread the word among your network.

Find out more at Start Some Good and on the TODAY website.