Everything is connected. Yet often we feel such disconnect; in our body, our mind, and in our soul. Through yin yoga, we tap into our physical body but also the energetic, mental and emotional layers.
Join Kate for a gentle full system recalibration by moving through a yin yoga sequence based on the natural flow of the meridian circuit. Our shapes will follow the pathway of chi flow in the body, clearing and reconnecting through the 12 principle meridians and finishing with the sweetest savasana.
With gratitude for all her yoga practice has unfolded and evolved into since it began, Kate teaches to create the space for others to discover through yoga. With a deep love for yin, Kate’s classes regardless of the style or pace ask us to move inward and observe.
Lighthearted with a sense of exploration yet physically strong, she weaves dharma, five elemental theory and a focus on feeling sense and connection through her classes. Kate’s Yin offering combines the teachings from her studies with Yin Founder Paul Grilley, Jo Phee, and Melanie McLaughlin.
Kate Dambach
Kate found yoga by chance in 2004 and loved the way it could quiet her busy mind. She has since fallen in love with the space an asana practice provides to know not only our mind and body but also…

A Time to Pause


23rd Jun, 2018|02:00pm - 04:00pm

$45.00 A Time to Pause (Members)

$50.00 A Time to Pause (non members)

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