Advanced Asana Workshop 18th Aug, 2019 at Surry Hills BOOK NOW

Advanced Asana Workshop

09:00am - 02:00pm, 18th Aug, 2019 at Surry Hills with Joan Hyman
$60 - $295
$60.00 Members - Advanced Asana $250.00 Members - Joan Hyman Whole Weekend $70.00 Non Members - Advanced Asana $295.00 Non Members - Joan Hyman Whole Weekend

Advanced postures can teach us to be more disciplined and leave us feeling stronger and more alert.

Designed for teachers and experienced yogis, this workshop will teach an advanced sequence and how to break down peak postures that can seem challenging and unattainable.

We’ll take a deep dive into how this sequence is taught so you’ll leave able to help your students and develop your own practice on the mat!

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