Join Simon Park as he returns to BodyMindLife for this 5 day Teacher’s immersion into the subtle and refined aspects of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, for practice and teaching. The focus of the immersion; fall in Love again with your Vinyasa practice and teaching as an energetic, healing practice and as a creative outlet where you can channel your unique passion and voice. Immerse yourself in the process of refining the self-practice from the physical to the subtle. Move away from scripted teaching toward creative and informed artistry, while becoming absolutely present with your students. Simon has devoted the past 22 years to synthesize the great lessons and wisdom of his primary teachers; Shiva Rea, Maty Ezraty, Richard Freeman, Dharma Mittra and Joan White, but most importantly, the teachings are brought to life in a way that is uniquely his own.

Gain a better understanding of the universal physical and energetic principles from traditions such as the Ashtanga, Iyengar , and Vinyasa systems. We will examine how the teachings of each system and master teachers from those lineages, can greatly enhance our knowledge of the physical and energy body during yoga practice, in order for the parts to become exquisitely whole. Ultimately, we must make the teachings alive, as we adapt our teaching towards the special needs of each student. Each day will begin with an in-depth asana practice, working to understand principles and patterns of physical and energetic alignment inside the practice. Through this understanding, we have a knowledgeable platform to read the body in an energetic and holistic way, create effective + transformational hands-on assists and teach asanas in a therapeutic and healing way. The immersion is designed for teachers from all traditions of yoga and experienced practitioners.

Learn the approach towards transformational hands-on-assists with physical and energetic alignment. Assisting is a very important element of teaching; a great compliment to good verbal cues. It requires excellent vision, precision, sensitivity, multiple points of awareness and an ego-free approach. A skilful touch has the power to transport your students to a whole new level of awareness. What could take years for a student to understand a particular action or movement, could be done with one precise, effective, supportive assist from a well-trained teacher. Simon honed the craft of hands on assisting through years of travel with Shiva Rea, watching master teachers like Maty Ezraty and Richard Freeman, and teaching students of all walks of life worldwide.

Topics to be explored:

  •  Intensive and Healing Asana Practice: Detailed alignment and assists for all key asanas.
  • Physical and Energetic Alignment: Dynamic Actions within Asana
  • Vinyasa as a Breath + Movement Meditation / The Flow between the postures
  • Vinyasa Krama + Creative Sequencing
  • Artful and Transformational Assists through careful and holistic observation
  • The Poetry of Language in Cueing
  • Pranayama + Meditation
  • Restorative Thai Massage based in the Yoga Tradition
  • Problem solving for common Yoga injuries and limitations

Prerequisite: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification

This training is eligible for 50 hours Yoga Alliance & Yoga Australia credit, and is applicable towards BodyMindLife’s 350 & 500 hour teacher training pathway.

About Simon Park
Simon Park began his Yoga journey in 1995 with Shiva Rea in the World Arts and Cultures Department at UCLA. Later acclaimed by Yoga Journal as “one of the most influential and gifted Yoga teachers of the next generation”, he has been leading workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats around the world since 2002. His free-style Vinyasa is fluid, intuitive, and encourages freedom through self-expression. Profoundly influenced by the teachings of Shiva Rea, Richard Freeman, Maty Ezraty, Joan White, and Dharma Mitra, ‘Liquid Flow Yoga’ feels like a beautiful dance between classical and modern Yoga. Dubbed the “Flying Nomad”, he draws inspiration from road legends such as Jimi Hendrix, who said, “the Earth is my home”.



Advanced Assisting and Energetics – 50 Hour Teacher Training with Simon Park

Surry Hills

84-86 Mary Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

11th Apr, 2018|09:00am - 05:00pm

12th Apr, 2018|09:00am - 05:00pm

13th Apr, 2018|09:00am - 05:00pm

14th Apr, 2018|09:00am - 05:00pm

15th Apr, 2018|09:00am - 05:00pm

Full payment $895 after February 12th 2018

$895.00 Advanced Assisting & Energetics (50hrs)

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