Crystal Bowl Sound Healing w Matty & Seriya

Sunday 18 April 2021 6pm – 8pm

at Byron Bay

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing w Matty & Seriya

Sunday 18 April 2021 6pm – 8pm

at Byron Bay
45.00 Crystal Bowl Sound Healing April 2021

Join Seriya and Matty for a crystal bowl sound healing that will invite you to explore the depths of your awareness, and connect to the collective energy of healing and relaxation in a conscious, supported manner.

Together we’ll investigate the science of how sound healing works and utilise bija mantras to bring the mind into harmony. You will be guided through yoga nidra with a medicine drum journey to summon intentions, and embark on a musical healing with singing bowls, Tibetan and hunt drums, chimes, gongs, Native American flute, voice and grounding meditation.

What To Bring
Please bring two blocks and a pillow or blanket.

About Sound Healing
Sound Therapy can help support recovery from various physical and emotional challenges including physical pain, stress and anxiety, regulating blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, adrenal burnout, self esteem/confidence challenges, emotional trauma, diffuse ‘mind chatter’, restore natural balance, communicate with your deep subconscious, heal on a spiritual level, and help achieve peace and balance on a mental state.

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