Find the Teacher Within: 25 Hour Intensive

11am – 4:30pm, March 3rd – March 7th 2019

at Surry Hills

Find the Teacher Within: 25 Hour Intensive

11am – 4:30pm, March 3rd – March 7th 2019

at Surry Hills with Maty Ezraty
$950.00 Maty Ezraty: 25HR Find the Teacher Within 2019

As yogis in the modern era, we are blessed with many teachers and opportunities to learn and to grow. Yet the greatest source of learning comes from turning toward the knowledge within oneself. The foundation for every yoga teacher is a strong practice comprised of deep reflection and understanding. When we are intimate with our practice, we teach with confidence and clarity. Skillful teaching is itself a form of yoga where the practice is one of attuning to the needs and conditions of each individual with compassion and sensitivity. Ultimately, the role of the teacher is to help students discover the path that is right for them while simultaneously supporting the evolution of the class as a collective entity. How to facilitate this process, and how to encourage and inspire the best in each student—that is the art of teaching.

Integrative Asana Practice

In this training we will explore the art of teaching through a dynamic practice steeped in both the Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions. In a welcoming and uplifting environment, Maty will also focus on universal principles that apply across all yogic traditions, modeling an open approach to discovering what is most effective. Meeting over the course of five days, each will include five hours of practice, instruction, and discussion. Focusing on a different theme each day, we will begin with a one-hour asana class that will be built on during the afternoon workshop.

Yoga Essentials—Expanding Your Toolkit

With great precision and clarity, Maty will cover the primary tools needed to teach yoga to others. In addition to studying the fundamental yoga postures, topics will include:

Blueprint Poses

Universal actions and alignment

Reading and understanding bodies

Hands-on adjustments

Problem-solving for common injuries

Purpose and use of props

Variations and modifications

Introduction to pranayama and restorative work

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