Join Noelle Connolly for an afternoon of upside-down exploration. For most of us seeing the world from a different perspective can be scary, mysterious and confrontational. Inversions help us to face our fears and change how we view the world. In this introductory workshop we will focus on building the foundations that will help enable you to incorporate inversions into your daily practice. We will explore dolphin, tripod, headstand, handstand and more. Come prepared to sweat, laugh and flip your world upside-down!

Intro to Inversions with Noelle Connolly

Bondi Beach

40 Hall Street, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

11th Mar, 2017|01:30pm - 03:30pm

$0.00 Intro to Inversions with Noelle (Members)

$35.00 Intro to Inversions with Noelle (Non-Members)

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