If you’ve been to one of our Open classes, you’ll be familiar with teacher saying, “OK, you can come into headstand now if it’s in your practice.”

If you’ve wanted to go upside down but have never had the chance to learn, here’s your chance!

This fun, workshop-style class will break down how to progress to a safe, comfortable headstand – also known as Sirsasana.

We’ll cover:

  • How to stretch and strengthen the body in preparation for headstands
  • Headstand variations, including how to get into the pose and out, safely and with control
  • How to work with the fear that can come from being upside-down

This workshop is open to all students who have a regular practice, and are confident in a Dolphin pose. We may also work with partners so bring a friend along with you or get ready to meet a new yoga buddy!

Sarah Routhier
Yoga Teacher,Yoga Teacher Training, Management Team

Sarah loves to create purposeful sequencing that prepare the body to move towards deep, expansive poses in an intelligent way. Her playful classes often incorporate music, mandalas, theming and props, switching on the brain as well as the body and challenging her students to pay attention.


Learn the art of headstands

Bondi Beach

40 Hall Street, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

28th Apr, 2018|01:30pm - 03:30pm

$0.00 Learn the art of headstands (Members Free)

$35.00 Learn the art of headstands (non-members)

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