Level Up

1 February | 1:30 – 3:30pm

at Kirrawee

Level Up

1 February | 1:30 – 3:30pm

at Kirrawee with Nikki B Barry
FREE - $45
$0.00 LEVEL UP - Members $45.00 Level Up - Non Members

Level Up – an essentials student workshop

Our essentials classes are an amazing introduction to yoga, but have you ever wondered what’s next?  If you’ve been to at least nine Essentials classes, our Level Up workshop is designed to show you want to expect from your first Open level class.

In this fun, interactive workshop, Nikki Barry will lead you through two hours of asana practice to refine what you know and introduce new transitions, poses and modifications.

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Level Up

01st February
FREE - $45

A two-hour workshop for students looking to advance from Essentials to Open classes! This fun, interactive masterclass will refine what you've learned, introduce new transitions and show you some of the possibilities that await.

Unlock your Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back

18th July

This workshop explores how to create freedom and strength so you can move with ease. Through focused breath and specific Forrest Yoga poses, you will learn to safely unlock these habitual tension spots by strengthening and lengthening the muscles around these joints to create more space. Bringing intelligence to these areas will help you to walk through life with grace, freedom and a greater sense of spaciousness.