Mindful flow, Tantric philosophy and Chinese Medicine 8th Sep, 2018 at Potts Point BOOK NOW

Mindful flow, Tantric philosophy and Chinese Medicine

01:30pm - 03:30pm, 8th Sep, 2018 at Potts Point with Sam B Belyea
Free - $35
$0.00 Mindful Flow - Sep 2018 (members)$35.00 Mindful Flow - Sep 2018 (non members)

Our world exists in a polarised dance of flow. Inhale-exhale, forward-backward, day-night, Yin-Yang, Shiva-Shakti.

At times it can feel like we are being pulled, pushed, dragged and thrown about. Yet there is an intrinsic power in polarities – the river of magma that flows between. The current where two becomes one. Our bodies are the doorways, where we can remember how to alchemise opposites and rekindle a long lost connection.

Led by Sam Belyea, this topical workshop will explore backbends to their full dimensions, moving through the continuum to find the magnetic harmony from within.

Together, we’ll flow in a full spectrum practice that beautifully weaves embodied movement, Tantric philosophy and Chinese medicine and a slow simmer down to mediative restoratives.

Through this lens we will inquire – how can we be strong and fierce yet open with grace? All levels welcome, always.


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