MOVING THROUGH THE KOSHAS: Practices for Transformation

Kosha means sheath or layer. In this weekend, we will move through the layers of ourselves to mine the wisdom — and uncover any obstacles — to create the conditions for self -knowledge and lasting change. While we will consider each sheath on its own for maximum depth, the weekend, like the Koshas themselves, will interlace these inter-penetrating layers. Each day will begin with the 2 Outer Koshas, AnnaMaya and PranaMaya practices as a means of embodiment, and each afternoon will be dedicated to the essence of each ever-deepening layer: ManoMaya to heighten Proprioception and Inquiry, VishnanaMaya to bring Discriminating Awareness to our Relationships with our selves, students and Community via Languaging and Hands-on-Adjustments, and AnandaMaya to reveal the passage to Freedom and Bliss.

This weekend is designed for Teachers and Experienced students. Physical alignment is the pathway into the inner layers: You will learn subtle anatomy and portals to each inner sheath and learn to access the interpenetrating passages that both ground and elevate you and your students’ practices, and lives. You are welcome to attend individual sessions, but you will certainly have the most profound experience by attending the full weekend.

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Friday 2nd Jun, 2017 | 01:00pm – 04:00pm

The Royal Practice – Inversions

All the preparatory, propping and modifying for the beloved Inversions, including the queen and king (shoulderstand and headstand.) Follow the Physical sheath into a level of single-pointed attention that drives us through the sheaths to center, to home.

Friday 2nd Jun, 2017 | 06:00pm – 09:00pm

Building Inner Awareness: targeting Doubt and Desire

Movement Inquiry and targeted Pranayama forms will shift you into states of heightened mindfulness. This slow, deep practice involves hip release that targets all 4 hip segments and all 3 Planes of motion.

Saturday 3rd Jun, 2017 | 01:00pm – 04:00pm

Open to Contentment

In this Backbend focused class you will wrestle with the qualities of greed and contentment, as you open your shoulders and heart to ever-increasing backbends. Smart, steady and safe backbends will ensue.

Saturday 3rd Jun, 2017 | 09:00am – 12:00pm

Connect: Discerning and Discriminating Sheath

Spend the afternoon reviewing key Hands-on-Adjustments and find the perfect blend of supporting, re-aligning and empowering your poses with your intention, your language and your hands.

Sunday 4th Jun, 2017 | 09:00am – 12:00pm

Root to Rise

A grounding Pranayama and Asana practice to bring strength and stamina in the outer sheath and lightness from the activation of 3 primary internal locks. These MahaBandhas will bring power and grace and eliminate over-efforting, bringing you face to face to the ego.

Sunday 4th Jun, 2017 | 01:00pm – 04:00pm

Forgiveness: Accept and Release

The sweet practice will seal the weekend’s journey with an emphasis on surrender and acceptance, the essential ingredients of lasting joy. A practice of breath, restorative poses and guided meditation will reveal the path to bliss for each of us.

About Annie:

Known as a “teachers’ teacher,” Annie is the creator of SmartFLOW Yoga, an intelligent marriage of mindful movement with compassionate, wakeful alignment. Based in northern California, Annie creates practices that are at once advanced and challenging, yet safe and playful. Practicing yoga since the 70s, teaching since the 90s, Annie continues to be a dedicated student (geek!) of anatomy, evolutionary movement, meditation and classical philosophy.


Moving Through the Koshas with Annie Carpenter

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2nd Jun, 2017 - 2nd Jun, 2017|01:00pm - 04:00pm

2nd Jun, 2017 - 2nd Jun, 2017|06:00pm - 09:00pm

3rd Jun, 2017 - 3rd Jun, 2017|09:00am - 12:00pm

3rd Jun, 2017 - 3rd Jun, 2017|01:00pm - 04:00pm

4th Jun, 2017 - 4th Jun, 2017|09:00am - 12:00pm

4th Jun, 2017 - 4th Jun, 2017|01:00pm - 04:00pm

$390.00 Annie Carpenter: All Six Workshops (Members)

$415.00 Annie Carpenter: All Six Workshops (Non-Members)

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