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Running Made Easy Workshop with Rachel Stanley

10:30am - 12:00pm, 1st Nov, 2020
New to running, nervous about running after an injury, or want to get faster? Sports physiotherapist and running coach Rachel Stanley can show you how to make running easy and enjoyable in this positive and upbeat workshop!

Just as good alignment impacts your Yoga and Pilates practice, using correct running technique positively affects the way you run. In this workshop you will learn how to run at 180 steps/minute to:

Minimise the compression, tension and ground contact time that lead to discomfort and injury
Recruit your natural spring and core strength for a light, efficient run
How to reap the rewards of more energy, increased fitness and the 'runners high'
How to gear your mind and body towards feeling strong and clear

New to running, nervous about running after an injury, or want to get faster? Sports physiotherapist and running coach Rachel Stanley can show you how to make running easy and enjoyable in Running Made Easy, a positive and upbeat workshop at BodyMindLife Byron Bay! Suitable for people of all levels of ability and experience, bags your place now to attend. Kicks off 1 November.
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Growing up in Barbados, Rachel’s first official 5km run was with her Dad at age 11. Since then she has competed in many events ranging from 5km sprints to the London Marathon.

Her first major running injury was whilst she was at University studying Economics. After three months of prescribed rest, she finally went to see a physiotherapist who had her back running in just three sessions. She remembers thinking that that physiotherapist was superhuman because he had given her the freedom to enjoy running again.

It was so life-changing that she decided to train to become a physiotherapist as she wanted to give to other people what she had been given on that day.

That was 25 years ago and through both a Physiotherapy degree and a Masters degree in Sports Medicine, she has consulted many thousands of patients and has successfully treated every single injury related to running.

After stints as the physiotherapist for the Hong Kong Sevens, London’s Harlequins rugby team and Google Sydney, she became interested in not only the treatment of running injuries but more importantly their prevention.

After reading Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run, she dove deeper into the scientific evidence and academic literature that surrounds and supports the importance of step rate in running economy, efficiency and injury prevention.


Date: 10:30am-12pm Sunday 1 November 2020


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