Majesty of Being is our natural state of rich abundant fuller than fullness. Where we find ourselves complete and more than enough, cozy and nourished from within. Nourished not from an idealised state of an idea of perfection, but rather, nourished deeply from the precision of each aspect of our life’s circumstances unfolding as is.

This state of rich Being can become lost territory due to all the noise of the daily life, the ideas and belief patterns we may have collected along the way, and accumulations of all of these informations held within the body-mind complex.

This weekend workshop is a journey home. Home to where the breath is. Home to where the symphony of life unfolds note by note, forever never replaying two melodies in the same way twice. Home is here, Now, as is. Come as you are, receive your own riches. The innate wealth upon which we all sit calls us back home.

This weekend will be a dynamic journey of re-establishing intimacy with breath, fluid conscious movement, nourishing reflection, integrative stillness, profound surrender and sweet meditations; all techniques collaborating to orchestrate our consciousness deep through the layers of self.
Space of Potentiality ~ Saturday Morning

When spiritual traditions speak of “opening one’s heart,” they usually mean opening the front aspect of the heart chakra. The front connects us to the manifest world, what is literally in front of us, and makes us more open in our heart-relations with the manifest world.

The back aspects of our heart chakra are equally as powerful and important as are the front. They are our connection to the un-manifest dimension from which the Manifest world manifests. They open us up to Divine love, trust that the universe has got our back and trust our life’s journey unfolding. The back aspects are where we plug into our own source to receive energy and find our roots in our Being.

The front is our place from which we give to others and the world while the back is our source for receiving.
The Un-Manifest World is often spoken of as the invisible, hidden dimension that lies behind the manifest world. It’s the realm of potentiality, that connects us to our past, our lineage, our ancestors, the collective history of humankind.

This journey will be an unfolding of the rich aspects of life from the back space of the body, and an exploration of the effects of shifting from primarily front focus (manifest) to back body (potential). Physically we will explore “heart openers” initiated from the support of the back space. Receiving rather than striving, allowing rather than pushing moving from the power of Being rather than doing.

The Majesty of Being ~ Space of Potentiality

Surry Hills

84-86 Mary Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

9th Feb, 2019|09:00am - 12:00pm

$60.00 Meghan Currie - Space of Potentiality (Members)

$70.00 Meghan Currie - Space of Potentiality (nonmembers)

$215.00 Meghan Currie - Whole Weekend (Members)

$250.00 Meghan Currie - Whole Weekend (Non Members)

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