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Understanding the Reformer

01:30pm - 03:30pm, 29th Sep, 2018 at Redfern with Chelsey Cameron
Free - $35
$0.00 Understanding the reformer (Free Members)$45.00 Understanding the reformer (Non-Members)

Take your Pilates experience to the next level!

This workshop has been designed for new students to enhance your knowledge of the reformer bed and progress and/or modify your practice using body weight, spring tension and props.

Chelsey will guide you through the variations of Pilates exercises and the biomechanics of each movement. You’ll learn about targeted muscle groups, how to modify for injury or advance your practice, and work with the springs for optimal resistance for your body.

This fun, practical and educational session will give students newer to the Reformer a deeper understanding of the Allegro reformer bed, the key Pilates principles and how to apply the science of Pilates into every class from basic through to dynamic.

Designed for all fitness levels, this workshop is open to complete beginners and those who have practised Pilates for years.




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