Vinyasa Krama of Backbending

10am – 1pm, 14th Apr, 2019

at Surry Hills

Vinyasa Krama of Backbending

10am – 1pm, 14th Apr, 2019

at Surry Hills with Simon Park
$70 - $80
$70.00 Vinyasa Krama of Backbending (members)$80.00 Vinyasa Krama of Backbending (non member)

Backbends are a beautiful balance of grounding and rooting while learning to become fluid and receptive.

Learn alignment principles that are inherent in simple backbends such as cobra, locust and upward dog; while integrating complementary hip + shoulder openers and energetic keys that will help you advance toward more complex backbends such as Raja-Kapotasana (King Pigeon), Naturajasana (Cosmic Dancer), Vrichikasana (Scorpion) and drop-backs.

A full Vinyasa practice of creative sun salutations, standing poses, complimentary core work, twists and inversions. Sometimes students are fearful of backbends because of back-pain. Learn the actions and proper preparation that can make backbends pain-free and truly blissful!

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