Yin 50 Hour Training with Mel McLaughlin January 2022 8th Jan, 2022 BOOK NOW

Yin 50 Hour Training with Mel McLaughlin January 2022

08:00am - 06:00pm, 8th Jan, 2022 with Mel McLaughlin
1400.00 Yin 50 Hour Training Jan 2022

Join international yoga teacher Mel Mclaughlin for her signature Yin Yoga Teacher Training immersion.
Held over five days, this 50hr course takes a deep dive into the art of Yin to get you started on your Yin teaching journey, or take you deeper into your own practice.

Yoga teachers will deepen their knowledge and practice of Yin yoga, while cultivating foundational teaching skills that will allow them to facilitate this practice for their students and feel confident on all levels of Yin teaching.

What’s covered:

All main meridians, organ pairs and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) theory
Taoism theory
Introduction to the energetics of Yin yoga
Overview of chakra theory and a sample of meditations
Key asana ‘families’ and props including Wall Yin
Long, deep practice Yin sessions for layering somatic experience with intellect

Students who wish to gain a 50 hour teaching certificate for Yin Yoga will need to have successfully completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course prior to commencing Yin Yoga Teacher Training (copy of certificate must be submitted for verification).
For those who wish to join the course for personal enjoyment and experience, you are welcome!
You will need to complete 5hrs of external Yin yoga classes in the two months prior to course commencement. This is online and in any studio with a teacher.

Meditation and morning practice 2hr
Lecture #1
Lecture #2
Afternoon tea
Lecture #3
Evening practice and pranayama 90 mins

Yin Yoga, by Paul Grilley
Insight Yoga, by Sarah Powers
A Spark in the Machine, by Dr Daniel Keown

This training is recognised by Yoga Australia for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points and member upgrades.

Date and Time:

Saturday, January 8th – Wednesday, January 12th 2022 at Surry Hills.

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