This practice is an opportunity to start courting yourself; to love yourself up.

To move sensually means to awaken to the infinite myriad of internal senses within you:

Each movement made with a focus born of awe.
Each breath from the heart ~ your art within the sublime flow.
Each moment of mindfulness ~ your swipe at the blur you Have kept between you and your true, majestic self.
The richness of your experience Is the experience.

This class will be a dynamic journey into the most intimate relationship there is ~ the relationship with Self. Through movement, meditation, breath work, creative upwellings and downpourings, reflections and integrations, we allow expression of the profound Beingness of being perfectly, uniquely, all forms of Yes within you.

Try listening not with your ears but with the fleshy soles of your feet. Notice what the earth is saying to your toes with her skin. Try seeing not with your eyes but with your heart. Glimpse what radiant riches exist when your vision is cast from the bindu of your Being.

Try breathing not from your mouth but with every pore on your body. Notice how the intelligence of the breath is passed from one cell to the next, uniting all rivers into one unbroken of ecstacy within.
Somewhere along the line we divided our thinking away from our being, and limited our intelligence to the mind jar.

So much inspired input is tasted by the body and yet, most inner dialects we aren’t sensual enough to ever sense, or understanding enough to ever understand.

But when we start to pay attention to the highest intelligence we have ~ the body’s hums and sighs and moans and huffs ~ the subtle languages of the body ~ they tell us what is right and what is to be left.

Join Brooke Elliston for a 2.5 hour masterclass into the Full Body Yes ~ a state of deep self-permission to honour with reverence, the snowflake pattern of your own individual and endlessly creative soul.




Brooke Elliston

Yoga masterclass with Brooke Elliston: The Full Body Yes

Surry Hills

84-86 Mary Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

15th Dec, 2018|01:30pm - 04:00pm

$45.00 The Full Body Yes - Members

$55.00 The Full Body Yes - Non Members

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