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We have been pointing and flexing behind the scenes to bring you, a new global platform that allows you to connect with your favourite local and international teachers more deeply and easily than ever before.

After listening to your feedback on the quality of our current online class experience, technical challenges and video quality, we have decided to:

  • Cease Live Stream classes on Friday 2 April,
  • With the On Demand library expiring on 9 April 2021.

While the full digital space is due to launch this June, we invite you to be the first to explore now. In the coming weeks, your favourite teachers will add to the site, sharing their knowledge and passion in classes created to keep you engaged and inspired with the latest from their personal exploration and extensive training.

Available to all fortnightly and online Members at no extra charge, simply log in with your existing details for uninterrupted streaming, downloadable videos, and specifically created Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness class content.

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