The Transformation Project

Change your life in 28 days!

Create positive change

At BodyMindLife we've always said that transformation happens every day. Now we’re going to prove it! We’re on the hunt for a team of courageous and committed Yoga or Pilates lovers to participate in a life changing study to measure the impact a dedicated Yoga, Pilates & Meditation practice has on people’s lives.

Immerse Yourself

Every week you’ll be immersed in study that explores each of the 4 pillars of a life worth living: Your Body, Your Mind, Your Relationships & Your Purpose

The Program

This project is more than just a fitness challenge or ‘quick fix’ program. It’s about creating meaningful and lasting change in every area of your life. True wellness extends way beyond the studio and is felt in your relationships, your work and your overall zest for life. We want you to shine from the inside out.

Reset your life

You must be ready to throw yourself headlong into a full month of practice and more. A month that will challenge you, inspire you and empower you to become the best possible version of yourself.

What you’ll get

As a participant in the Transformation Project, you’ll be supported by some of Australia’s most respected names in Yoga, Pilates, Meditation & Nutrition.

Grounded in the science of Positive Psychology, you’ll benefit from practical and proven tools to help you realise your optimal self long after the 28 days have ended.

  • Unlimited access to all BodyMindLife online Yoga, Pilates & Guided Meditation classes 
  • A weekly online workshop and live expert Q&A’s with practical advice, tips and action plan to transform your life focused around the topics of Mind, Body, Breath, Relationships, Rhythm and Purpose
  • Weekly video guide outlining the focus areas for the week
  • Customised content (articles, tips, talks, research and recipes) delivered to your inbox each week
  • Personal Digital Transformation journal

The Commitment

To ensure this is a fair and authentic study (& give you the best possible chance of success), you’ll be expected to:

Keep a daily Transformation Journal
Attend online class (Yoga or Pilates) at least 5 days per week. NB – This can be substituted for studio class if already a BodyMindLife member
Meditate daily (& journal it)
Watch and engage with the weekly workshop content provided for you
Participate in the weekly online live Q&A and inspiration session
Be prepared to transform your life!

Project Timing

The Transformation Project will run for 28 days over February and March 2021. Classes and content will be available on-demand so you can kick off your four week program at a time that suits you. Program commences 1st February and latest start date is March 2021.

Who should apply

This is a real-life project and we’re looking for anyone who wants to make a change to their life in 2021!

Let’s get things straight, The Transformation Project isn’t about being perfect.  It’s about being ‘Optimal’, creating the best possible version of the life you’re already in and feeling better than you were before.

And being happy. Because surely that’s what it’s all about?

Don’t be put off if you’re feeling demotivated right now, or if your practice has plummeted of late. This is the perfect opportunity to start again and rediscover your mojo.

In 28 days, you will hardly recognise yourself.

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