Aimee Pedersen is a yoga teacher, actress and writer. She has found a deeper and more authentic relationship with movement and ultimately herself, through the practice of yoga. Her practice and teaching is steeped in the teachings of her mentor Tara Judelle, who she assists in the Embodied Flow trainings around the world, and influenced by the non dualist Tantric teaching of Kasmir Shaivism.

She believes the postures form a beautiful platform from which we can explore our own layers, and create a unique personal journey. Her teaching stems from her own awakening, and she is passionate about guiding others towards embodiment.

Aimee facilitates retreats in Australia and around the world. She has recently returned from teaching in Europe and Bali and has more unique offerings in the works.


“Creative, Maintenance, Destruction” WOW Thank you for this class! Just Awesome! And you; ‘Courageous’ Thanks to you; I ‘finally’ purchased that damn Alpine tent, to camp in the snow ?? Continuing to Crreate... ? Tania ?
Tania Anne E.
Aimee's class is not just the exercise of the body but the mind too. I always felt physically and mentally released after her classes. Also, her different music playlists for each session are so good. They match the movement and the mood perfectly. She often brings out the accordion with her meditation which always calms the nerves. Thank you for your healing and wonderful classes, Aimee.
Olivia C.
Thank you!! Uncovering the masculine and feminine energy was EXACTLY what I just so happened to be observing today! Perfection
Yingna L.
Aimee is the godmother to my busy mind- she knows what to say to calm it.
Jenny D.
Amazing class thank you, I really appreciate the teachings with the asana.
Gabrielle B.
Love your classes Aimee
Lee P.
simply the best. thank you.x
Christian R.
Hi Aimee, this was my first time doing your class, and thank you, it was wonderful. Loved the story, your humour, the sequencing, pacing, and surrendering my regular ashtanga practice to a new experience. I was meant to come to your live class at lunchtime today but my child was unwell and prevented that. I am so grateful I could come to this livestream from home instead.
Jo G.
Love your class
Lee P.
So beautiful thanks Aimee
Joyce W.
Thank you Aimee, it's excellent. Put Gita in the class so well.
Tim C.
Awesome class! Love it!
Ivy L.
Thank you Aimee for sharing your wisdom. I love all of your classes.
Ivy L.
Loved the theming, super interesting sequence. On fire Aimee P! Pop x
poppy w.
Loved your class Aimee! Thanks and Happy New Year from Colorado!Kim and Mark
Kimberlee S.
simply the best! thank you thank you thank youuuuu. xxxm
Christian R.
Thank you Aimee. I feel connected to the world again.
Yingna L.
That's uncanny... I was thinking about how to contact Aimee and this popped up. Your class was amazing - they are always amazing. I feel totally nourished by your classes - they always give me something I need. But more than that I wanted to see how you were doing. Christmas can be tough and I know that now a little more now than I did before. I send you loads of love. You are amazing!
Peta F.
Fresh flow variations!
Nesanthan S.
thanks Amiee :)
Haythim H.
Thank you Aimee for enabling me to continue to practice yoga on Saturday morning. I have given up going to the Saturday am class at Kirrawee. I wasn't enjoying it and was leaving feeling really negative and cranky so time to quit.Just love that I can continue to practice actual yoga on-line with you and several other wonderful instructors. Wish I didn't live in the Shire and I could join in the studio.NamasteLee
Lee P.
Lovely flow as always with Aimee - thank you. Feel good and calm.
Jessica N.
Brilliant class. My month of anxiety finally found solace.
Yingna L.
Loved the quotes, thanks for fixing the sound. ?
Virginia M.
Another soulful class, thanks Aimee x
Emma C.
beautiful. i loved the last thing you said, this practice takes us into our sacred architecture. thank you for bringing us home again and again.
Christian R.
Thank you Aimee, that was lovely!
beautiful sequence aimee! miss you, poppy x
poppy w.
Thank you for the class. Loved the mantra meditation at the end
Jane Sarah L.
Great class! Thank you Aimee!
Anna M.
Just what I needed!
Peta F.
I loved it.Done it twice already.
Marcia M.
brilliant as always gorgeous woman! xx
Christian R.
shining star. thank you. xx
Christian R.
changed the course of my day thank you aimee!
Yingna L.
Loved your class Aimee, thank you : )
Noelia T.
Watching from Lexington, Virginia USA. Aimee is the best :)
Susan B.
Beautiful class, thank you Aimee.. I loved the pace, the slow build up and the amount of space. As always so much rich insight and guidance.
Catherine T.
Susan B.
Thank you!
Yingna L.
thank you aimee! divine as always. xx
Christian R.
Teddy K.
Lovely class, thanks Aimee!
Lovely meditation. Please remember to show the postures to those at home though.
Virginia M.
Wonderful class Aimee. Thanks for teaching despite the tired throat!! I felt like the middle sequence/ surya namaskar A is usually fairly rushed. I loved the idea of breathing first and movement following, so to have the SNA be quite quick felt like a counteraction. But really, loved it. Love you. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!
Yingna L.
Thank you Amy, love love love your classes x
Deborah P.
Exquisite, thank you Amy!
Yingna L.
Thanks Amy, appreciated the discussions around Buddha and the ties to yoga philosophy. Amazing and genuine class as always :-)
Lauren A.
Beautiful class. Thanks Aimee
Joyce L.
amazing as ever.
Quang T.

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