Ari Levanael

Yoga Teacher

As teacher, performer and adventurer, Ari focuses on the uniqueness of each person; the demands of both body and individuality. With a long history of yoga practice spanning over 25 years, Ari is a passionate and dedicated student of the yoga tradition. Having studied and practiced with many respected teachers worldwide including; Maty Ezraty, Bharath Shetty, Shiva Rea, Annie Carpenter, Joan Hyman, Simon Park, Nicky Knoff and Shandor Remete to name a few.

Ari is particularly adept at modifying and adapting the yoga practice for any level and is known for creative sequencing that takes students safely to new levels of exploration. With an approach to yoga that fuses breath in relationship to body movements, Ari interweaves elements of creative mandala sequencing in a style that moves between traditional and explorative, in balanced harmony with alignment principles that create a unique and fulfilling yoga experience.

Currently, Ari holds over 1,500 hours of accredited Yoga teacher-training in various styles, merging the traditional with a knowledge of gymnastics, martial arts and aerial acrobatics. Uniting yoga with these great variety of disciplines and embodying it in personal practice.

He now holds teacher trainings, retreats and workshops worldwide while mentoring the next generation of teachers.

Ari Levanael Qualifications:

500+ hours Ashtanga/Hatha Yoga with Bharath Shetty, Aananda Yoga, Mysore, India

500 hours Elemental Prana Vinyasa with Shiva Rea, Greece, India

100 hours The heart of a yoga teacher with Maty Ezraty

50 hours in the Art of Alignment and Assists with Kat Clayton, Sydney

50 hours Yin teacher training with Sarah Owen

50 hours Super Sequencing with Noelle Connelly, Sydney

50 hours Yoga Therapeutics 101 with Joanne Gates, Sarah Routhier, Sydney

50 hours Advanced Energetics and Assisting with Simon Park, Sydney

25 hours Travelling from the Outside In with Joan Hyman, Sydney

24 hours Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga with Yoga Synergy, Sydney

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I love Ari's class! The movement flows so naturally. You will do a powerful pose but then a gentle pose will follow right after so you don't overdo it. I really noticed the small details in the movement sequence designed by Ari. He is really respectful and warm as a teacher, too so you don't feel intimidated even with the hard poses.
Olivia C.
Loved you Warrior 3 class - thanks Ari!
Lee P.
Thnx Ari, enjoyed at the end i fell asleep??
Nona D.
Love the mandala Ari but at 59 this year, crow is about the best I can do - cundanyasana is never going to happen ;-)
Lee P.
Beautiful class, thank you, Ari!
Stefania V.
Thanks Ari!
Jo T.
great class....
Teddy K.
Thank you for an excellent class Ari. The balancing emphasis felt terrific, both physically and emotionally
Michele A.
Great class.Thank you.
Fatijah C.
?Good tips for triangle pose, thank you
Virginia M.
excellent flow!
poppy w.
Thank you, Zen for work today ?
Virginia M.
Virginia M.
Thnx Ari was really great session...???
Nona D.
Amazing class! Thank you Ari
Belinda S.
Happy New Year ? Thank you ?
Virginia M.
?t was a beaut?ful exper?ence thank you
Ezgi E.
Great class Ari. Pls try to remember the mic though!!
Jo T.
Thanks Ari, I just did this class with my Mum (her third ever yoga class) and she asked me to pass on her thanks too!
Amy J.
Wonderful! thanks Ari, loved it!
Nergis S.
Thank you ?
Virginia M.
Thanks Ari! Just what I needed <3
Amy G.
Great class, thanks a lot Ari!
Stefania V.
great class, thank you
Nathalie S.
Thnx Ari, was a great one as always???
Nona D.
Ezgi E.
Thank you ?
Virginia M.
very happy to learn the subtle details so that ? wont hurt myself thank you
Ezgi E.
Thnx Ari?? Enjoyed as always
Nona D.
Always feel better after class, thank you ?
Virginia M.
Ezgi E.
Was a good one missed this flow really thnx Ari???
Nona D.
Thank you, can finally do tree with my foot on the thigh. ??
Virginia M.
thank you x 1000
Ezgi E.
Thnx Ariiii it was a great one???
Nona D.
Great to have you back. Thank you ?
Virginia M.
Ezgi E.
Dont know if it was not super strong flow or i feel stronger lol, enjoyed a lot thnx Ari...???
Nona D.
Thank you, good to have you back. ?
Virginia M.
Ezgi E.
Thnx Ariii, enjoyed alot
Nona D.
There was only 23 mins of the 1 hour class recorded?
Michelle S.
Thnx Ariii for ur time was great???
Nona D.
Thanks Ari for another brilliant experience. I always look forward to your class.Have an amazing week Ana x
Ana G.
thank you ? I really enjoyed that class. really great cueing.
Elise S.
It was the first yoga lesson that I took as a bodymindlife member. It gives you the details that makes you really progress and review the basics of yoga, very good session.
Ines P.
Thank you Ari!Love your classes!
Marcia M.
It was great
Shree S.
Always a great class. Thanks
Virginia M.

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