Bevan has been athletic since he was a kid, drawn to many sports and
playing rugby league at state level. Along with his athletic side he
always had a burning passion to be creative. It was in 2008 when
deciding to do an acting course in which he discovered yoga.
His curiosity was piqued, for the first time he felt a connection that
linked his mind body and soul together that he never felt before. This
led him down a path of Hatha, Bikram, Iyengar before settling into a
daily meditation and Vinyasa practice.
After graduating from the Western Australian Academy of
Performing Arts with a degree in acting, Bevan was ready to deepen
his understanding of yoga both spiritually and practically, and
decided to complete his teacher training with BodyMindLife under
the guidance of his teachers Noelle Connolly, Kat Clayton and
additional training with Joan Hyman and Shiva Rea in India.
With an understanding of contemporary movement styles blended
with his knowledge of anatomy and a deep understanding of yoga
asana Bevan is passionate about creating an experience which will
leave you feeling completely present in a world where we are
constantly distracted.