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That was great thanks!
Montserrat Z.
Lovely class.Thank youJudy
Judy S.
yes thanks!
Montserrat Z.
Yes but I miss Juliets 45 abs class!
Wilson I.
Great stuff Juliet. Thanks!
Jo T.
love the whole body in 30mns! thank you
Francoise C.
could be a bit harder for level 2 class...
Anna M.
Excellent !
Nikki P.
Great class but missing the core focus!
Lynne S.
lovvveeeddd it!!! perfect express class! thanks xxx
Erini D.
thank you for this lovely class
Ezgi E.
short and fast repeats is different but like how you get through a lot more of the parts of the body. Thanks!
Francoise C.
Ezgi E.
Jo T.
thank you for the good work juliet
Ezgi E.
thank you
Ezgi E.
Thanks Juliet, a great abs workout also with total body stretching Mandy
Mandy O.
Love abit of ball play Juliet! Great class.
Helsa T.
Quality classic Pilates class with great technique and clear instructions. Keep them coming Juliette xx
Raquel Z.
Fave class thus far! Thanks X
Kirsty G.
Loved the laughter ?
Virginia M.
I found it hard to follow without constantly moving the laptop to be able to see ... it would help to get verbal cues more often to avoid turning head all the time and missing the point of the exercise.
Francoise C.
I really enjoyed this class, a good combo of classic Pilates with HIIT elements. It sure made me sweat Juliette :) xx
Raquel Z.
loved it! once again two of my fav instructors. I feel long and happy! thanks team :)
Raquel Z.
Thanks so much! Loved the use of props
Lizzy R.
You do great classes- thank you
Merrilyn W.
Love your classes Juliet.Great build throughout them, great attention to whole body. Requires hard but smart work. Thanks
Juliette B.
Steph P.
Amazing class - this is one of my favourite on the schedule!
Lizzy R.
fantastic class Juliet!! thank you
Dennis X.
Thank you Juliet! Amazing class!
Phoebe N.
A great class ! Thanks
Mandy O.
great class
Merrilyn W.
fantastic class!
Dennis X.
Thanks Juliet that was so good! Did it with a resistance band and worked just as well.
Emily M.
Amazing class thanks so much Juliet! Such great exercises and seamless transitions
Lizzy R.
Julie K.
loved it. I love your classes, because are pure Pilates. I always feel challenged in a good way. Feel long and strong after your classes. keep up the good work!
Raquel Z.
i love your classes Juliet. Thank you. I do find it difficult to hear you...I have the volume up to high but, for me, it's still very quiet
Kirsty G.
Love Julia's work outs, intense yet precise.More please!
Christina S.
Great ab workout, will be feeling them tomorrow!
Virginia M.
Thanks Juliet! Such a great way to spend some of my Sunday afternoon :)
Lizzy R.
Juliet's classes are one of my favourite :) Perfect pace and level for me and she always comes up with something new :)
Anna K.
[…] with Juliet live and on our video archive, and connect with her on […]
Michele H.
Thanks Juliet - great class. Really appreciated your energy and smiles?
Renee H.
Juliet is always energetic, has a great energy and her classes are an amazing all body workout! Love her!
Samantha B.
Beautiful form
Kirsty G.

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