Kat Clayton

Senior Yoga Teacher, Teacher Training Lead Facilitator

Kat offers an engaging, challenging, fun, enthusiastic and compassionate teaching style which radiates positive energy and warmth from the moment you step into her class.

Skilfully weaving in classical alignment and mindfulness with creative dynamic sequencing and thought provoking philosophy, Kat provides a fun and challenging space for students to deepen their practice, challenge their limitations, and reconnect to body, breath, mind and heart, usually with an arm balance or two!

She draws inspiration from yogic philosophy, Eastern philosophy and Western science, and combines her deep love for learning and teaching with her passion for empowering students to focus on the skill of alignment, subtlety of breath and mindfulness. Her aim is to have her students leave the classroom feeling light, more fully alive, peaceful and connected, and to carry that out into the world.

Kat Clayton Qualifications:

Yoga Alliance & Yoga Australia

More about Kat Clayton

Kat is an outdoor adventure loving Colorado native with a background in dance and sports, and University degrees in Psychology and Spanish. Kat has cultivated 12+ years teaching experience as a yoga instructor, 200 hour yoga teacher trainer, dance and snowboarding instructor.

Kat completed her first 200hr yoga teacher training at our very own BodyMindLife studio in 2007. Her strength in yogic technique, versatility and passion for sharing the yoga experience with others let her to become a Teacher Training Facilitator. Kat has more than 1,500 hours experience in leading our 200hr and 50hr programmes at BodyMindLife.

Kat continually draws inspiration through her ongoing studies of Eastern and yogic philosophies, Western sports and neuroscience, and yoga teachers and scholars including: Simon Park, Maty Ezraty, Baron Baptiste, Ana Forrest, and Georg Feuerstein.


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Upcoming Events with Kat Clayton

SOLD OUT! - Waitlist Available

Limitless ~ Arm Balance & Handstand Workshop

05th December
$65 - $80

Join Kat to learn how build your confidence with arm balancing postures and inversions. This workshop will help you unlock more advanced postures and learn how to handstand in a supportive environment. Kat will share her tips to break down these challenging poses - focusing on cultivating alignment, strength and lightness.

Upcoming Live Streams

Friday 23rd October

12:15pm - 1:15pm


Yoga - General

Kat Clayton

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About The Class

Yoga Open classes offer an energetic flow with strong poses and creative sequencing, designed to challenge and inspire physically and mentally. Classes vary in pace, and from teacher to teacher. We encourage you to move within the boundaries of your experience level.

About Kat Clayton

Kat Clayton

Kat brings an engaging, compassionate teaching style which radiates positive energy and warmth from the moment you step into her class. Skilfully weaving in dynamic sequencing, yogic philosophy and creative language, Kat provides a fun and challenging space for students to deepen their practice and connect to body, mind and spirit. After graduating with a Bachelor of Art in Psychology, Kat moved to Sydney in 2007 to complete her first 200 Hour training at BodyMindLife. The nature and adventure loving Colorado native has cultivated over 12 years experience as a dance, snowboarding and yoga educator, and is continually inspired by teachers and scholars Simon Park, Maty Ezraty, Baron Baptiste, Ana Forrest, and Georg Feuerstein. Kat is now honoured to lead the Yoga Teacher Training programme at BodyMindLife where she facilitates yoga classes, workshops, retreats, 200 & 350 hour teacher trainings. She combines her love for learning and teaching with her passion for empowering students to focus on the subtle energetic and physical alignment, yogic philosophy, psychology, yoga and mindfulness.


lovely, grounding class xx
lisa h.
Anna-Mateja D.
was amazing!
Anna-Mateja D.
So nice to have you back.Your class was amazing!Namaste x
Ana G.
Beautiful, thanks Kat x
Helen M.
So good to see Kat's classes back online!!! Please keep them on!!!
Anna M.
Fantastic class!There seemed to be an issue with the audio for the 1st 30 mins which then fixed itself (but was echo-y and hard to hear at first).thank you!
lisa h.
The class just stopped after 32min =(
Kristin W.
The video stopped middle of the class.Not happy as it’s not the first time
Roxana P.
I'm deeply grateful, thanks Kat :)
Deniz Y.
Fantastic Practice! I am grateful for Kat's warm and generous guidance.
Quang T.
Thanks Kat, I really enjoyed your class today.
Nadine E.
The sound was strange and the video stopped after 5min?
Kristin W.
Loved the first 5 minutes - but then it cut out!
Felicity H.
This video is sadly cutting out after 5 minutes. Such a shame as Kat is excellent.
Quang T.
cuts out after 5min
Andreas Z.
The recording stopped after only 5 mins :(
Karin O.
Loved this class Kat! Get those toxins out!! x
Emma C.
Loved the singing crystal bowl at the end!
Sing Ping L.
what a wonderful class. Hips feel nice and open
Yvonne K.
Great all level class.. thank you Kat
Lynne S.
Loved the class!! Thank you so much!
Kimberlee S.
Thanks Kat :-)
Lauren A.
Lovely class as always. Love the philosophy Kat weaves in.
Shehana W.
love the energy Kat gives off !
Christine K.
Kat's instruction, aura and energy never ceases to inspire me. Thank you so much Kat!
Yan Dan G.
Thanks Kat! my hands felt so powerful!
Josie P.
Thanks Kat fun story!
Jacqueline L.
So beautiful, thank you <3
Clara C.
Thank you Kat, you are an incredible storyteller x
Ciara F.
Kat is amazing and her instagram account is the reason I have joined BML's online.
Eliza N.
Thank you Kat for the beautiful class, loved your stories and getting some peace from my mind !x
Deborah P.
jodi r.
Roxana P.
Love all your classes Kat!! My body always feel so balanced and relaxed.
Melissa G.
you're awesome :)
Susan B.
Thank you Kat! This was such a great class! Beautiful singing at the end! ??
Derek F.
I always come out of Kat’s class refreshed and look at the world in a fresh perspective. She rocks!!
Jenny D.
Thanks Kat for the beautiful class. I'm loving your classes, usually I can't get to your classes at the times you teach so this has been amazing
Deborah P.
Amazing class - clear instruction, beautiful aura, challenging even though a basic class. Enjoyed this class immensely .
Yan Dan G.
Awesome ,thank you
Katharine S.
Love your classes Kat. I have been doing them using the videos at home throughout the entire shutdown. I am a member at Kirrawee and am so looking forward to getting back to the studio. Would be so very lovely if you could visit us there. Maybe a Saturday 7.30am?Lee x
Lee P.
Kat is so wonderful. Her warmth really comes through the screen. Her practice is inspiring and her classes are always really interesting and fun. So glad to be able to practice with her online.
Shehana W.
was fantastic
Jasmine B.
beautiful flow
Marisa H.
it was really good
Thanks Kat it was such an amazing class!
Manon L.
AWEsome class, thanks Kat.I liked your comment where you said that some yogis improve their practice when they practice at home away from the peer pressure in class. So true! I find that I‘m much more relaxed and ready to work on my nemesis poses. I‘m now practising mermaid and wheel (which I have stopped doing years ago). Feels great :-) But I’m equally ready and looking forward to the energy of classes in the studio. X
Adele T.
Kat classes have a very calm and steady pace with an incredibly deep and precise practice.To every class I ever participated I’ve always left the mat feeling to have learn something new and essential.Kat teachings are amazing and so her energy..A “to do not miss experience” for any yoga lover.BML team standout and Kat is one of his pearls : )
andrea r.
Kat has a very calming way about her, great class. Thanks
Virginia M.

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