Morgane is excited and grateful to be sharing the love of yoga. She discovered yoga 15 years ago, as part of various physical development techniques in her acting career and training. Over time, her daily personal practice became non-negotiable. Additionally, she witnessed first-hand how her practice expanded beyond the physical. Eventually , she became a yoga teacher with the desire to share her discoveries and serve her community

Morgane trained under Elisha Young, Mel Mclaughlin, Arian Levanael, Rachael Coopes, Aimee Pedersen amongst others. She qualified in Vinyasa, Yin and Kids yoga and is also sharing the practice of mantra as a door to stillness under the mentoring of Nadav Kahn.

She loves teaching both the yin and yang practice for a complete experience. She believes this is crucial for developing a sense of equanimity for the body, mind and soul off the mat. Her classes are fun, engaging, and can be challenging at times.

Morgane believes that yoga on the mat is a precious time we dedicate to and for ourselves. It is a time where she can assist her students make discoveries. To remind them that it is not about the pose but what happens on the way there. To equip them to use the practice off the mat, in their daily lives - where the yoga happens - living a mindful life anchored in gratitude using the asana and going beyond.

Morgane continues to learn and further her knowledge of the practice, mentored by Arian Levanael. She believes we are never too young or too old to start and discover this full spectrum practice which, even in its most challenging form, is forever rewarding and quite simply, life changing.


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