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Norma grew up in London, U.K and has a deep passion for music, architecture, travel, motorbikes & of course YOGA. After completing a degree in architecture and coming to a cross roads in her career, she made the decision to travel the world. She found herself settling in Thailand for a number of years, which was the start of a personal journey of self- discovery, where she found Buddhism, yoga, meditation and a passion for teaching.

Norma then completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 at BodyMindLife under the guidance of Noelle Connolly and Kat Clayton, and since then has added several other modules to her portfolio including Creative Sequencing, Science, Music & Yoga and The Art of Alignment & Assists, to name a few.

An architect once described the relationship between yoga, meditation and architecture so perfectly... "Yoga & meditation, like architecture, are about awareness and space. The physical postures, the shapes we make with our bodies when joined with a curiosity about our minds, help us to develop a sense of internal spaciousness."

Norma’s style of teaching is exactly about that. Expect a strong class with creative sequences that link conscious breath and movement, taming one’s busy mind and cultivating a larger and more appreciative view of things as they are… all to the background sounds of phenomenal beats!

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Hi Norma,Excellent class as usual. ThanksMichelle Dang
Michelle D.
Made my day. Thanks so much Norma.
Monica N.
Thank You Norma, loved the new 45 minutes open class : )
Noelia T.
Thank you, great class. Liked the 45mins when running a bit late. Some of the postures were challenging for me with bad wrists but grateful for the modifications.
Virginia M.
That was really great Norma!Thank you so much xx
Belinda S.
Norma is such an amazing instructor. Her practice is always strong, focused and challenging. Can't wait or the next time. Thanks
Maria M.
Norma is lovely, but this seemed a progressive level class rather than an open level class
Sarah B.
A well paced, creative flow. Thanks Norma
Lynne S.
Thank you for a wonderful class. Strong but balanced with the perfect amount of sweetness and development. Loved every minute!
Lena B.
Thanks Norma great class.
Alice R.
I nearly died but it was good for me! Thanks Norma! x J
A really interesting flow with handstand practice peppered throughout. Great class! Thank you Norma
Lynne S.
Awesome arm-balancing class!!!!
Michaela K.
Super strong class! Loved it. Thanks :)
Kirsty G.
An interesting, challenging and fun strength class. Thank you :)
Lynne S.
How cool is it to have Norma teach us! She's warm and welcoming and guides the group to enjoy and grow . Grounded, funny and very organised, her classes are a treat for Body and Mind. For our lives!
Dean S.
Strong class. Thanks.I loved the handstand prep.
viennessa w.
Great class! Thank you
Lynne S.
Great class. My body feels amazing! Thanks Norma!!!
Melissa G.
Thanks Norma for a fun practice
Tonia M.
Great class
Tonia M.
Norma is awesome! Class stops at 36 min though :(
Kat D.
Was loving the class, shame the stream cut out. Want more of Norma on streaming
Tonia M.
Thank you Norma, great class! The video just didn't run for the full class
Deborah P.

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