Vee Wiesheu

Originally from Munich, Germany, when Vee moved to Sydney in 2009 she fell in love with the beaches. They also made her more body aware and she started running regularly. After a lack of core stability, poor alignment and a long career in hospitality led to a number of injuries, she found Pilates and changed her life!

Vee is passionate about the rehabilitative qualities of the practice and loves to break a sweat, in technical, contemporary whole-body classes that are fast and fun. She loves that everyone – young, old, injured, triathlete, prenatal, postnatal – can enjoy long term benefits from Pilates.

Her mantra? “Your gain is my gain, you owe it to be good to yourself. We only get one shot and this is it.”

Vee Wiesheu Qualifications:


Thanks Dee. Welcome back! Needed that arm work!
Corinne G.
These are never full videos
Wilson I.
Great class.
Emma C.
This class only recorded for 2 mins, perhaps it should be taken down?
Liz B.
Thanks VeeExcellent class as always Enjoy your fishingMs Coleman, Yamba
Cathleen C.
very fun class
Kanjana P.
Thank you. Love your energy!! x
Emma C.
thank you
Ezgi E.
Great class Vee! can't wait to some reformer action at Redfern studio xx
Raquel Z.
Hey this one doesn't work - it's 22 seconds long
Talisa T.
Great class Vee. Feeling sweaty from that, thank you!
Monique B.
Vee! thank you. always love your classes. Shimmy!
Annet G.
Love Vee!
Svenja O.
Loved it!!! Thanks!
Clara C.
Thanks for the fun class
Tonia M.
love Vee and she killed me today but I like that she laughs us through it.
Angela G.
Love Vee’s classes, always entertaining and great class.
Virginia M.
Vee always has a fun class and this was fun
Tonia M.
Happy Birthday Vee for Friday. Always a fun class with a shimmy in there.
Virginia M.
Happy birthday Vee! See you soon at the studio!
Alejandro C.

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