Alberto D’Agostino

Pilates Teacher

Alberto’s classes will be rich in exercises focused on bringing deep awareness of the body, in order to activate the full muscular system and feeling less fatigue at the end of your day. Challenging movements but not overwhelming, they will improve your strength, correct your alignment and increase your mobility. All topped with fun vibes and great tunes.

More about Alberto D’Agostino

Alberto’s passion for Pilates and Reformer has grown over the years while practicing and discovering the numerous benefits of his body was gaining in his everyday life, from adjusting and adopted a correct posture to ordinary movement such as walking, running and standing on his feet all day at work, to using correct form when exercising with weights. Realising how less tired his body was at the end of the day and how much energetic he was feeling every morning, it was mind blowing for him. To the point that he decided to learn the art of teaching by attending the Barre Body Pilates Mat and Reformer Pilates Teacher Trainings, to share all the knowledge he acquired along the way, help others to achieve a high level of wellness and make them realise all the positive outcomes that can be derived from practice regularly.

Alberto is a pure- bread Italian who has lived in Australia for over 10 years, doesn’t drink too much coffee, doesn’t watch too much football but loves pizza and bread, he knows how to bake it too, so ask as many questions as you want! he loves to chat about it.