Alistair Hart

Pilates Teacher

A classical pilates trainer, focusing on muscle activation, strength training, and breath. Sculpting the strongest body when combined with moving the spine in every plane of motion ensures you to stay flexible, fluid and relaxed in daily life. Alistair combines elements of Yoga and Mindfulness into his classes, so despite the love/hate relationship when he works you so hard, you can then rest down into the sweetest of a deeper relaxation.


Yoga (Hatha, Vedanta, Tantra) - 2017
Mat and Reformer Pilates - 2020
Hypnotherapy - 2020
Meditation Teacher - 2017
Yoga Life Coach - 2017

More about Alistair Hart

Focusing on a life with unity in mind, body and energy often leads to a vocation in the wellbeing space. It did it for me.