Bianca Scott

Yoga Teacher

I love creating an environment for students to use practice as a means for self inquiry, healing, and growth. Classes with me can be strong and challenging at times, and also deeply relaxing. No matter the teaching, classes will always have a big emphasis on cueing breath and alignment – moving through postures that will thoughtfully open you up to a peak. With an abundance of care and a sprinkle of humour, with me, laughter and learning go hand in hand.

More about Bianca Scott

I discovered the profound practice of yoga 10 years ago during a life-altering health journey involving an auto-immune attack that resulted in kidney failure. As a complement to modern medicine, yoga transformed my health and my life was forever changed. I am deeply passionate about sharing the teachings and the timeless wisdom of this ancient practice that my teachers have passed on to me. I believe knowledge is truly valuable when shared, and I feel a profound sense of purpose and enjoyment along this path 🙂 what a dream.