David Coulibaly

Yoga Teacher

As a student of yoga, Danielle is always learning, growing and expanding her boundaries. Through yoga, she believes in the constant evolution of self-discovery that sheds a light on making conscious choices for a brighter future. Danielle is a passionate vinyasa yoga teacher and loves dynamic and playful movement. Her classes are designed to increase strength & flexibility of body AND mind. She loves to create strong, unique & progressive sequences, guiding you on a journey through breath.

Inspired by her muse, love and fellow yogi David Coulibaly, they share their love of yoga around the world. Danielle’s teaching journey has evolved from the many years of study with international teachers such as: Shiva Rae, Simon Park, Maty Ezraty, Noelle Connelly and Joan Hyman.


200hr RYT 2013 - Holly Coles 200hr RYT 2015 - Shiva Rae 25hr RYT 2015 - Joan Hyman 50hr RYT 2015 - BML Art of Alignment 50hr RYT 2016 - Maty Ezraty 50hr RYT 2017 - BML Super Sequencing 50hr RYT 2017 - BML Embodying Philosophy 150hr RYT 2018 - Simon Park 25hr RYT 2019 - Kate Duyn (Advanced Asana with Light on Lotus LA) 40hr RYT 2021 - Duncan Parviainen (HOV Yoga)

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