Meet Ella Kauter

Ella Kauter

Pilates Teacher & Mat Pilates Facilitator

Ella’s life has always revolved around movement. She started as an acrobat and then began performing professionally as a dancer on stage and TV at the age of 12 and went onto study musical theatre post school. This led her to working professionally as a performer living and touring South East Asia performing for several years.

While abroad Ella used Pilates as a way to maintain her show fitness as she found Pilates to be the only movement practise that she was able to do in any country in the world that also helped the physical demands of performing multiple shows a day whilst still also balancing the other many physical demands of life.

Returning home Ella decided to do her classical Pilates teacher training and diploma through Pilates International and somewhere during that period she stopped performing and took up teaching and training for triathlons.

Ella’s classes replicate her love of dance, triathlon training and musicality. Ella likes to create a fun, flowing, dynamic and sometimes cheeky class.


Pilates International Qualifcation

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