Erin Docherty

Yoga Teacher

Meet Erin, an avid yoga enthusiast whose journey ignited unexpectedly in 2008 during a beginners’ class. That seemingly modest step turned into a lifelong passion. With roots in Iyengar and a graceful transition to Power Yoga, Erin’s teaching style is slow, strong and intelligent.
In 2015, Yin Yoga entered her life as the missing puzzle piece, bringing balance to her yang. This revelation rescued her from the clutches of a relentless “busy” routine, rekindling her spirit that had once burnt out. With over a decade of teaching experience, Erin possesses an intuitive understanding of the human body. Her classes seamlessly blend therapeutic elements with illuminating guidance, offering more than just learning—an invitation to become your own skilled guide, fostering a profound connection with your body.

More about Erin Docherty

Beyond the mat, Erin’s esoteric training has also led her to facilitate Full Moon Circles and 1:1 Healings so that you feel clear about your direction in life. Connect with Erin’s transformative journey on Instagram at @lightwitch_ and follow the magic.