Ivan Barrios

Ivan Barrios

Pilates Teacher

Introduced to the Pilates reformer over 10 years ago, Ivan found in the practice something more than simple exercise. In Pilates Ivan discovered a deep connection, control, and better understanding of his body through every single movement.
Ivan joined the fitness industry in 2013, and has since attained a Certificate 3, Certificate 4 and Diploma of Fitness (injury prevention, injury management and exercise prescription for special populations). Ivan has since been professionally trained in The Pilates Method, learning Studio Pilates International Mat and Reformer Repertoire.

Ivan provides a dynamic and and unique class each week, exploring different movements, and working on individuals weaknesses while meeting their goals. Ivan’s class is specially tailored for individual needs, even in a group setting.

“I want to share the Pilates love with everyone. It does not matter the size, the condition, or the level you’re at. Anyone that really gives their best can always find physical and mental benefits consistent with well thought Pilates practices”.


Cert III Fitness Cert IV Fitness Diploma of Fitness (Fitness Special population, Injury prevention and Injury Management) Pilates Mat & Reformer Certification (Studio Pilates International)

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