Kiara Fung

Pilates Teacher

Kiara loves to teach clients about body awareness and connecting to the movement with breath/ awareness and proper technique. You can expect to have fun while having a dynamic and well balanced work out.

More about Kiara Fung

Kiara’s mother is very spiritual, she got her practising yoga and breathing techniques from a young age. Kiara started assisting yoga workshops when she was a teenager. In 2019 , she went to India and completed the 200hr Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training. She has danced throughout her life and  introduced to different movement techniques whilst studying at drama school in New York. Kiara wanted to try a new form of exercise and stumbled into her first reformer class at BodyMindLife in 2022. She completed her Reformer Pilates TT the same year. When not teaching, she is always reading scripts and involved in film projects.