Marine Geraud

Marine’s style is eclectic, drawing inspiration from the wide range of practices and teachers she has had the chance to practice and study with.
She loves mixing up her teaching style, sometimes focussing on very expansive creative flows sequenced to music (check out her Spotify for cool, flow playlists!), and other times slowing down the pace, focussing on alignment and holding poses a little longer. She believes that this is how you build a balanced practice and explore different perspectives.

Marine builds her classes through a layered approach, aimed at helping students warm up and build up strength to get into deeper poses toward the end of the practice. She will always offer lots of options in her classes to accomodate both beginners and more advanced practitioners. If you love arm balances and inversions you can be pretty sure she’ll offer an option to explore, play and get off your feet in her classes.


200Hr Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Synergy (2018)

50Hr Alignment and Hands on Assist with Ari Levanael (2020)

50Hr Creative Sequencing with Ari Levanael (2021)

50Hr YIN with Mel MclLaughlin (2021)

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