Robynne Henry

Robynne Henry

Pilates Teacher

Robynne has taught pilates since 2010 and has worked both in London and Sydney. Her love for Pilates comes from its ability to transform us into beautiful movers, and her goal as a Pilates teacher is to unlock that strength and grace in all of her clients. Her personal philosophy is that movement should both feel good and look effortless, regardless of the level of difficulty. Expect plenty of personal attention and technical precision as she uses her eye for detail to help each of her clients develop their optimal muscle recruitment patterns.

Robynne has a deep appreciation of dance and all forms of mindful movement. Her classes are strong, technical and flowing with an emphasis on building muscle endurance and working with our inner rhythm. Her classes aim to encourage your body on an inner journey where the healing and transformative powers of Pilates reveal themselves.

Robynne is a certified Stott Pilates Reformer Instructor and is qualified with BASI Pilates on all studio apparatus including Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel and Arc. She is also a certified Personal Trainer and 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher.

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