Stelios Mousaferiadis

Stelios Mousaferiadis

Yoga Teacher

Stelios is a qualified Yoga and Meditation teacher who is in the process of obtaining his Psychotherapy and Counselling bachelors degree. Stelios has recovered from addiction by using the Ancient System of Yoga/Vedic science accompanied by the support of professional Psychotherapy. He is passionate about teaching Yoga and Meditation to people recovering from addiction, providing them with the practices that were most effective for him during his recovery. Stelios has been practicing Yoga and Meditation consistently for nine years. He has barely missed his twice daily 20 minute 1 Giant Mind Being Meditation due to its effectiveness. After realising how much meditation changed his life, Stelios became qualified in teaching the 1 Giant Mind Being Meditation technique and now has a community of students across the globe connecting online and in Byron. He grew up in Melbourne and moved to Byron Bay three years ago due to his love for surfing and community. Stelios loves dancing, singing/chanting, skateboarding, studying the Vedas and spending time in nature.


Currently studying a Bachelor of Counselling and Psychotherapy at ACAP.

'Om People' 200hr Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh, India, 2018.
'Yin Culture' 100hr Tantric Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Indonesia, 2018.
'Baba Jay' Level 1 & 2 Reiki Course, India, 2018.
'Yin Culture' 50 hr Yoga Teacher Training, Australia 2020.
'Om People' 25hr "We are Vibration" training, Online, 2020.
'1 Giant Mind' Meditation Teacher Training Academy, Australia, 2020.
'1 Giant Mind' Advanced Meditation Teacher Training Academy, Australia, 2020.
'1 Giant Mind' Vibrate Higher Advanced Teacher Training, Australia, 2020.
'Vital Veda' Essence of Ayurveda & Pulse Reading Course, Online, 2020.
'Vital Veda' Dhatus & Srotas' Ayurveda Course, Online, 2021.
'Samadhi Collective' Introduction to Sanskrit Course, Online, 2021.
'Exploring the Veda' Advanced Knowledge, Rounding Meditation Retreats 1-6 with Thom Knoles, Australia 2021-2022.
'Vedam Vidya' Studying Vedanta and recitation of Mantras, Byron Bay, 2023- On going.

More about Stelios Mousaferiadis

Stelios teaches Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga for students from all levels exploring advanced options. His classes are designed to help his students feel refreshed, calm and deeply present in love with having a greater experience of life. His classes build heat in a grounded and calm manner to avoid overstimulating the mind, whilst purifying and enlivening the body. He incorporates slower, mindful and dynamic movement using breath counts and body attention in each posture. His classes are built through the lens of Tantra and Ayurveda to enliven and harmonise the bodies energetic and elemental makeup. He achieves this through adjusting his classes daily according to various components of weather/season/culture. Stelios activates the body using Mantras, Pranayama, Asana and Bandha to give a complete experience of Traditional Yoga.