Byron Bay Wellness Services

Small Infrared Sauna
Experience the healing benefits of an intimate (private) Infrared Sauna Session in our state of the art clearlight infrared Sauna. Sessions last 45 mins.

Ice Bath
Submerge yourself in a Wim Hoff style Ice Bath or combine the two for the ultimate. Sessions last 15 mins.

Contrast Therapy
Combine the two for the ultimate Contrast Therapy experience. Sessions last 45 mins.

All services include access to our private Sauna Suite with a shower and bathroom and include fresh towels and water. Book below or keep scrolling for our Private Large (Built-in) Infrared Sauna + Plunge Pool experience.

Private Large (Built-in) Infrared Sauna + Plunge Pools

A private luxury health and wellness experience.  Our Wellness Center features a custom built Far  Infrared Sauna with an air purifying Himalayan Salt Rock Wall, a warm magnesium plunge pool and Whim Hoff inspired Ice Bath. You’re invited to experience all the healing benefits of these truly transformational wellness techniques in the finest luxury setting. Your booking includes fresh towels for all guests, citrus infused mineral water, SuperFeast MSM detox tea and your own private changing area, as well as access to our small stand alone sauna. You’ll have your own shower and bathroom – an unmatched experience in wellness and luxury! (Please note your group’s size and ensure to select the appropriate pricing option.)

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