We sit down with one of our newest Reformer Pilates Teacher Training graduates and news.com.au journalist Stephanie Bedo on the course, and how Pilates has changed her life. 

Stephanie Bedo on our Pilates Teacher Training

What does an average or not-so-average working week look like for you?

I usually start at 10 am and my day involves looking around for news and stories for news.com.au where I’m a senior reporter. I like to focus on health and science stories but can be thrown at anything. I love it because every day is different and I love unravelling people’s stories. Everyone has one! If I’m not stuck at my desk, I try duck over to the Surry Hills studio to catch a lunchtime Pilates class. Some days I can’t get away because I’m editing our homepage, which is a big responsibility being Australia’s number one news site.

Tell us about when you started practising reformer Pilates? 

I started practising in 2017 on the Gold Coast when I was looking for something to strengthen my muscles. I was told I had weak glutes and I certainly did! I remember in the beginning my leg completely gave way one day trying to do side-lying feet in straps. I was so embarrassed but I realised I was in the right place. You actually don’t realise how weak some of your muscles are until you do pilates, or realise what the reformer can do to help you change that if you keep practising


Has the practice changed your body/mind in any way?

Pilates has changed my life. Starting a desk job at 17 and being none the wiser, I had a constant sore neck. I’d try everything – massages, acupuncture, physios – to help it when I eventually realised it was a weak core and poor posture that was my problem all along. My neck hasn’t been sore ever since! And I can tell when I haven’t been to class for a while. When you read those ‘what would you tell your 21-year-old self’ answers, mine would definitely be – do Pilates!  

What led you to sign up for a Reformer Pilates teacher training?

Because I love reformer Pilates so much I wanted to take it to the next level. I was also looking for a personal challenge and new experience. I did a yoga retreat through BML and loved it. I’m not much of a yogi so didn’t think yoga teacher training was for me, but jumped at the chance when I saw BML was offering Pilates teacher training. I thought it would be a good way to expand my knowledge and personal practice.

How did the course go? Was it what you expected?

The course was great. We fit so much in so I learned a lot in a relatively short amount of time. The teachers were amazing mentors and all had so much experience to impart on us. They all have different stories to tell as well which was inspiring and insightful. I made great friends and we’re all supporting each other along the way as we start to teach or some are even opening their own studios.  

So what’s next for you? Are you planning to teach Pilates?

I have one class lined up but it’s tricky to do much more with full-time work. I’ve learned not to overcommit so I’m just taking things slow and steady. 

What would you say to others thinking about taking the leap with the pilates teacher training?

Go for it! Even if you don’t want to pursue being a Pilates teacher as a career, it’s a great learning and growth experience and the best part is you’ll come out with abs at the end of it 😉

BodyMindLife runs full-time and part-time reformer Pilates Teacher Training courses in Sydney and Byron Bay! Read more on the details and line-up of 2021 course dates here