As a newcomer walking into BodyMindLife for the very first time you could be forgiven for assuming that this shiny, Yoga and Pilates Centre was the work of a slick corporate machine.

In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. What you’ll actually find, should you wander a little further down the corridor, is BodyMindLife’s original founder, Phil Goodwin; tucked away in a tiny office, mapping out ideas, dictating notes and fearlessly leading what has now somehow become the biggest name in the Sydney Yoga and Pilates scene.

Phil is a man clearly living his dharma. Despite working tirelessly for the last 15 years, Phil’s passion for transforming lives has never dulled. And neither has his energy. Phil is the ‘Energizer Bunny’ of the wellness world! His infectious enthusiasm and unwavering belief in the power of yoga has been the catalyst for many a life overhaul.

Phil is a living example of Confucius’ famous words: ‘Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life’

And when you listen to Phil speak so honestly about his own journey, it’s easy to see why BodyMindLife has been such a success.

So, how did the dream of a former banker manifest into one of Australia’s biggest Yoga and Pilates communities?

Here’s the man himself, Phil Goodwin, to reflect on his epic 15-year adventure:

Where it all began… 

In the beginning, we set out to create something worthwhile. Something bigger than ourselves.

And like most organisms, we’ve been on a journey of constant evolution and change. The original manifestation of BodyMindLife looked very different than it does today.

We started out as a small Bikram studio, in a single room above a clothing shop on Foveaux St, with a modest but dedicated following of yogis (some of whom still practice with us today). As our teaching matured, we moved on to become one of Sydney’s first power yoga studios, until finally we found our true calling.

Looking back, these were all building blocks towards our greatest creation: the BodyMindLife we experience today.

However, through all this change, our guiding philosophy has always been to create a community that facilitates connection between people, empowering them to be the best versions of themselves.

How two loves collided… 

In 2012 we moved to our current location in Mary Street and an incredible new chapter began.

I met my new partner Ferique, who is a creative architect with a passion for creating healing, energetic spaces. Ferique is a great inspiration to me and together we were able to create a unique centre for Yoga, Pilates & Meditation (with a sauna!). A place that not only looks good but ‘feels’ great.   Designed using the principles of Sacred Geometry, BodyMindLife really feels like coming home.

Its sounds romantic, but the labour was hard and very personally challenging for Ferique and myself at that time of our life. However, the results (like any new birth) are nothing short of extraordinary.

Through our shared passion and vision, we’ve created a new benchmark for yoga centres in Sydney.

I believe this love has proliferated right through our community. BodyMindLife is a place where people can meet, hang out, feel supported, learn, laugh and be the best version of themselves.

I trust that Ferique and I can guide our most important creation, our beautiful 2-year old daughter GiGi, in the same way 🙂

What I believe…

Yoga, Pilates and Meditation are tools for transformation. Most people come for the physical benefits, yet realise (within a short space of time) that the true value of a consistent practice is a calmer mind, the ability to respond rather than react to stress and a larger perspective on life.

In escaping the repetitive treadmill and limiting patterns of our minds, we’re able to live life with elegance and grace.

These tools really do work and I’m honoured that I’ve been able to share them with so many people.

If we can encourage more people to understand themselves a little more, to begin to ask the important questions in life and use these powerful tools to understand the world around them, then we are fulfilling our purpose.

The impact we’ve made…

In the last 15 years over a million people have attended classes at BodyMindLife.   That just blows me away.

We continue to have a huge impact on the global yoga world. Not only through our existing teaching community but through the teachers we’ve supported.

Influential names like Nicole Walsh, Duncan Peak, Mel McLaughlin and Mark Breadner are just a few former BodyMindLifers shining their light in the world today. Today BodyMindLife is fostering a new generation of teachers that are having a huge impact on the direction of Yoga in Australia and beyond.

I feel great gratitude as I reflect on the contribution that all teachers at BodyMindLife past and present have made to the yoga community.

What I’ve learnt…

That every journey experiences highs and lows. Over the years, I’ve learnt not to react to either. I’m now able to sense and feel what is happening internally when situations arise and my energy changes.

It’s taken years of learning, but today at 15, we know who we are, where we fit, we understand our purpose and have the confidence to follow our destiny with courage and love.

Something else that I’ve realised through my own life experiences – whether that be business mentoring, my yoga practice or the people that I’ve called upon for personal support during times of need – is that if you want to learn something, anything, learn from the best teachers you can find.

This ethos is embedded into everything we do here at BodyMindLife

When he’s not fearlessly leading his passion project, Phil teaches on BodyMindLife’s acclaimed Yoga Teacher Training.