In a four-week study called The Transformation Project, we set out to measure the impact regular, integrated practice of yoga, Pilates and meditation has on people’s lives.

The rules of the project were easy. Participants had to commit to attending five yoga or pilates classes a week, a daily journal entry and a minimum of ten minutes meditation every day.

Each week students recorded how they felt in relation to eight different areas of wellbeing. This included their levels of energy, sleep, stress and anxiety, self-esteem, relationships, purpose, satisfaction and happiness, along with consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

After just 28 days, the findings revealed a dramatic shift. On average, participants reported feeling  a 30% increase in their overall mental and physical health!

Stress and anxiety saw the biggest impact with levels falling by 40% on average and there was a significant increase in energy levels of 35%. Sleep quality also improved by 31% and feelings of happiness by over 23%.

Interestingly, the number of coffees and alcohol units dropped over the month too. The survey found that caffeine consumption decreased by 28% on average and standard alcoholic drinks by a huge 39%.

The final results on average across all participants:

  • Overall wellbeing increased by 30%
  • Feelings of stress and anxiety reduced by 40%
  • Increased levels of energy by 35%
  • Sleep quality improved by 31%
  • Increased self-esteem by 31%
  • Sense of purpose and meaning increased by 28%
  • Positive interactions with relationships improved by 34%
  • Feeling satisfied with life increased by 22%

From all of us at BodyMindLife, a huge congratulations to everyone who took part in this challenge! The results speak for themselves and we hope it’s just the beginning of your journey towards becoming your very best self.

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