Not all Yoga Teacher Training courses are equal, so before you commit to a course, here are 5 crucial questions to consider:

1.Am I good enough at yoga to become a teacher?

This is the number one fear of most new students.  You obviously need to have practised yoga for a while to even realise that you want to teach yoga, but the most important part is your motivation. If that is there, then we can teach the rest.  So, don’t get freaked out by freestanding handstands.  If you’ve been practising for at least 12 months and have a sincere motivation to teach yoga, that’s all that matters.

2. Do I need to resign from my day job?

Not unless you want to!

The BodyMindLife yoga teacher training course can be studied part time or in a full time intensive. So, you can combine with work or take an extended holiday and immerse yourself in a month-long yoga exploration.


3. How can I be sure I’m getting the best yoga teacher training?

One the best ways is to look at the calibre of teachers who trained with that studio.  Are they actually teaching? Do you enjoy their classes? Do they seem confident & well prepared?

Crowdpullers Christian Ralston and Azra Mustafa are just some of the BodyMindLife graduates you’ll find in our studios.

We constantly hear that our program is the best yoga teacher training in Australia.  Here’s why:

  • BodyMindLife have over 15 years teaching experience
  • Students get real life teaching opportunities at weekly community classes
  • There’s ongoing professional development from visiting international teachers
  • The purpose-built teacher training facility – students have a dedicated space to train & practise
  • It’s Asana…& SO much more.  


4.Who will teach me?

That very much depends on where you study!  With less established courses you make find yourself being taught by a teacher who has only just graduated themselves.  So, do your research!

Here at BodyMindLife we believe that authenticity is everything in yoga and our course is led by amazing, world-class teachers who truly live their yoga.  These include Wanderlust headliner and Yoga Journal contributor, Noelle Connelly, senior teacher Kat Clayton and the original founder of BodyMindLife, Phil Goodwin, who bring over 3,000 hours of yoga teaching experience.

What’s really special about the BodyMindLife teacher training program is that International yoga teaching names like Maty Ezraty, Dylan Werner and Sarah Owen regularly visit the studio to teach on our teacher training programs.


5. How do I get started?

We’ve made it easy – just check out our Yoga teacher training courses