40 Hour SPANDA - Embodying Energetics Teacher Training

Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd June, 2024

40 Hour

$1395 - Full Price


Dates & Timings

Thursday 20th – Sunday 23rd June, 2024

9am – 5pm daily


40 hours advanced teacher training accredited by Yoga Alliance

“You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” – Rumi

Accredited Course in Bondi Beach, Sydney

Join internationally touring yoga teacher and transpersonal art therapist Lara Zilibowitz on this practical and mystical journey into the art of energetics within asana and meditation. 

Through illuminating philosophy, methodology and practice, you’re invited to realise our primary agenda as yoga practitioners is in service to the flow of Prana Shakti – the underlying creative intelligence behind all movement and all life. 

This inspiring and awakening training is both for teachers and passionate students wishing to wake up to the map of their subtle energetic body, in order to bring a whole new dimension of awareness and awe to their teaching and life. 

This training is an initiation into the depths of vinyasa yoga as an evolution of Tantra yoga,
a path of embodied spirituality – celebrating flesh and breath as gateways to the divine. 

Through exploration of the Vayus, Bandhas, Breath, Chakras, Tattvas and Koshas, you’ll walk away deeply connected to the natural inner alignment that exists when we wake up to the living, dancing, shape shifting nature of Prana Shakti which animates the inner and outer worlds.

What you will takeaway from this course

  • Demystify what is Tantra yoga and map it’s history and differentiation from Classical Yoga

  • Understanding vinyasa as the evolution of Tantra yoga and the embodiment of nature.

  • You’ll learn to embody the five elements (pancha tattvas) and understand their correspondence to the seven chakras in the seasons of your inner and outer life.

  • You’ll realise the meeting point between quantum physics and yoga – to be able to viscerally experience the underlying energetic field that unifies and underlies all life forms, via the philosophy and embodiment of the pancha vayus.

  • Understanding the significance of the breath when cueing inner alignment and energetics.

  • To realise every asana as a full body mudra, with a profound capacity to shift our awareness and invite us into moving meditation and flow-state consciousness.

  • You’ll understand how to teach to every kosha. To intentionally awaken the maps of the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with our words, cues and body language – from the outer to the inner bodies, from the muscular skeletal system, to the mystical realm of intuition and imagination.

  • To understand that as teachers, we are the conductors of energy in the space. The way we use language directly affects not only movement, but the spirit in the room.

  • To expand the repertoire of your language to incorporate poetry, metaphor, visualisation and analogy as tools to awaken to the unseen world of energy and spirit.


This teacher training will be held at our dedicated training facilities located at 41 Hall St, Bondi Beach.


Hear directly from your facilitator, Lara:



“The Body Poetry Yoga Teacher Training was the most amazing experience. I now see yoga in a much different light. I have always known that there is a lot more to the poses than just the physical aspect but have never really understood how to teach it. Lara generously puts together a training that easily explains the energetics of asana and meditation, giving us the language and understanding to teach what we all feel so deeply inside to be true but have not had the words. This course training has been the most illuminating initiation into the Tantric roots of vinyasa yoga, and I can never unfeel what I have felt in these 4 days of awakening inner ecstacy!

Thank you Lara from the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful to have you as a teacher and mentor. Your ability to hold space for so many to share and be seen is such a super power.”

Catherine Pampallis, yoga teacher & breathwork coach


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